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Reponse to the campain against BBBJs

Posted 8/15/2010 at 4:00:00 PM

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Posted By: warren2010

These unscrupulous pimps, in order to push the girls on to more clients, inform the clients that they will get a true girl friend experience, which means the girls have to do oral sex without protection. This is disgusting. These pimps have absolutely no regard for the safety and welfare of the girls and force them to have unprotected oral sex under the pretext of providing a GFE.
Guys, wake up! What do you think the consequences will be if you practice unsafe oral sex? Soon all these girls will be infected with all sorts of STD"S and probably aids from having unprotected oral sex.  They may as well have unprotected sex at the same time.
Guess what is going to happen? We were all going to start bringing back strange infections just from kissing a girl in TJ. I do not think this is what we need.
How can we send these pimps a message that they need to bring down their rates to a more realistic level and secondly to stop jeopardizing the health and welfare of these girls by making them perform unprotected oral sex?

You obviously don't know what you're talking about:  

1.  You're a false prophet.  Tijuana escorts and bar girls have been providing oral sex without condoms for decades.  The STD epidemic you're prophesying hasn't materialized.  

2. Nobody forces a man to have oral sex without a condom.  It's optional.  A monger chooses whether he wants (1) no oral sex, (2) oral sex with a condom, or (3) oral sex without a condom.

3.  You're totally ignoring health cards.  I’m not saying all escorts have health cards or that it’s a perfect system, but I have posted links to various solid research showing health cards have a very positive impact on STDs in TJ.  (Do a search.)  If you're worried about getting an STD from oral sex then ask to see the escort's health card.  

4.  It's customer demand--not a pimp--that is responsible for escorts providing a bbbj.  While you may find receiving a bbbj from an escort “disgusting,” a couple of years ago, on another board, a poll showed that 86% of mongers want a  bbbj.  

In the future I suggest you try basing your posts on facts you’ve researched.  Not theories you’ve formed based on thin air.

I’ve worked hard to put escorts and agencies that don’t provide a GFE (which includes a bbbj) out of business.  I’ll continue to do so.  I hope others will continue to support me in this endeavor—just as they have in the past.

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