TS Nelly, Hollywood..............
LATSDog 6977 reads

She says she is a porn star in her Eros LA ad....

Is this the same girl?

She is also in this video (click on the top vid, girl with the red hood on):

Notice, they have the same tatoo if you check out her eros ad and this video, except the tatoo is on the right hip in one link and the left in another?  Iron on tatoo?

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tsCAT997558 reads

Holy crap!  The second shemaleyum link took me to a video called "Lil' Red Riding Ho" No way.  The wolf mask just scares me too much.

unsane2998 reads

Not a chance - sorry.  Girl in video is Lucia out of Vegas (she's currently up on eros Vegas).  From what I've seen of her on Yum she seems to have a great attitude and seems really cool.  But Sexy Nelly (who's been posting on NYC for a while and then vanished) is definitely not her.  Lucia is pretty tall too (and Nelly doesn't appear to present herself as such).

LATSDog2599 reads

the girl that resembles Nelly is in the middle of the sample vid.

LATSDog2060 reads

no prob..its probably a differnet girl but looks similar and has the same tatoo. Kinda odd.

unsane5278 reads

Just watched.  Wow.  Great catch there for sure - I'm with you.  And Yum, being awesome as usual.

XRey2460 reads

Dog, in the eros ad she took her pic using a mirror that is why the tattoo is on the opposite hip.

LATSDog2815 reads

Eros ad left hip, video right hip?

glenmorangie2006 reads

On Bob's T-Girls site I downloaded two vids that featured Nelly: one of Nelly masturbating and the second was an interview with her sister, Roxy, where Nelly was interviewed as well. They are from Guadalajara, Mexico and at the time of the interview they'd been in the States two years. The interesting aspect is they are both shemales, which I assume is a rare occurance.

LATSDog2234 reads

One would think rare but not so..I find it interesting and have met 4 or 5 sisters who are both ts girls.  
Example: Cameron from Chicago and Bella from Atlanta, sisters.

Frenchy_LA5388 reads

I don't know if Nelly and Roxxy are real sisters, but they always have the same look, and post their ads a few minutes apart, both in WeHo.

Any experience with them?
I wonder if they do doubles....

LATSDog4664 reads

Pretty sure they are sisters. I think Nelly is the one with the larger tool.  If you go to and scan through all the free vids, Nelly has one.

wyldmonky2205 reads

Was with Nelly Tonight, definitely the girl pictured in the post and and all the sites, she is legit. Uncut, Fully Functional even lactating from her B-cup breast. Totally passable and great GFE. Have been with many, none as good as this one

Posted By: LATSDog
Pretty sure they are sisters. I think Nelly is the one with the larger tool.  If you go to and scan through all the free vids, Nelly has one.

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