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Re: I feel your pain.....

Posted 1/17/2010 at 1:28:46 AM

Well from what I see, they note the price difference, but they do so unfairly.  They compare a trashy uneducated broke escort in Tijuana with a high class knockout in Los Angeles.  Yeah, the high class knockout is $350 and the trash in Tijuana is $60.  But I can go to LA and find a trashy crystal meth-head (haven't met many escorts in Tijuana that aren't heavy drug users) who takes the bus and pay the same amount for her as I wide for your average escort in Tijuana.  Most are completely out-of-shape, uneducated to the point where they can't speak past a 5th grade level, and completely irresponsible with their time.  Stand ups, 2 hours late, you name it, and I don't tolerate unprofessionalism.  If I want that kind of treatment, I'll go to the pub and find me a regular woman, that's never a problem.

There was one bloke here who said that he has clients that are in the adult film industry and prefer the women in Tijuana.  Now there's a laugh.  "Adult film industry" is pretty broad.  I've seen some nasty women on the skin channels on the tele and then there's professional knockouts that win the AVN awards every year.

Show me ONE escort in Tijuana that has all these characteristics and looks anything similar to someone like Lela Starr, Rachel Starr, Kira Kenner, or Jenaveve Jolie and then I'll change my viewpoint.  He didn't respond, so I suppose that's our answer.

People do that with the cost of living in Mexico too.  They say it's "cheaper" but they're comparing a home in Rancho Palos Verdes with a dump in Tijuana with trash on their sidewalk.  You can go to Los Angeles and pay about the same rent if you want trash on the sidewalk, holes in your street, and horrible amenities.

I think it's just a bunch of excuses for the bottom of the barrel men to feel comfortable with the bottom of the barrel women.  They all like to conglomerate here and seem to flock to the shitpile part of town like Zona Norte.  For Christ's sake, what a choice in destination.

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