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Re: How are the legal brothels in Vegas

Posted 4/9/2001 at 10:12:00 AM

There are some variables to these legal brothels.First is how you get there.It's about an hours drive and If you arrive by taxi, Limo or cheufferred sedan the brothels pay a referral fee to the drivers.This can easily add twenty percent or more to the amounts the girls will be willing to negotiate down to.Expect a taxi meter to run $210 to $220 for the roundtrip.Some will agree to not keep the time running and some may quote you a smaller flat fee especially if there are a couple or more guys going knowing he will make up for it from brothel kickbacks.Best bet if you are NOT drinking is to drive your rental car out.Be sure to get good directions and obey the speed limits in Nye County.Be sure to Fully stop at the stop signs also.The local cops like to write the nonlocals tickets and guys driving out there are often in a hurry and are easy targets.   When you arrive you will have to push a buzzer at a gate and wait for someone to let you in.You will be brought to a front parlour and seated and they will assemble the available girls for you to pick from.Sometimes there are some beauties in this lineup,sometimes it's slim pickings.You do not get any time to see how you interract with these girls before you have to pick one.If you don't see anything that appeals to you you basically only have the option of checking out the brothel up the street and hoping for a better selection.If you arrive really late some of the girls are sleeping and the lineup can really be small.    They will only discuss what they will do and for what price in the room.Expect most of them to first throw out an outlandishly high price in the room(sometimes the guys say ok and it's worth it to the girls to try this)and usually they are willing to negotiate the price down considerably.The last guy i drove out to the chicken ranch was back to the cab in less than an hour and had spent $800 on the lady.I have heard of guys driving themselves and getting basic services for the $200 and up range on slow nights but i doubt these would be considered GFE type sessions.If you find something that appeals to you,are able to reach a deal,accomplish your mission then you still have nearly an hours drive back to your hotel.Good thing you had lots of spare time eh?If you go with friends and they find someone but you don't then they do have a tiny bar off in a side room you can watch tv and wait for your friends to finish but it is not set up as a place to mingle with the ladies.If you want the experience of having the only legal paid for sex in the U.S. then try a Nevada brothel.In my opinion you can have a better time much easier right here in Las Vegas.                           Taxibob

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