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The last sentence of your post is a common occurence.

Posted 6/28/2012 at 7:43:50 AM

You might not do it, but ladies cancel all the time for a regular or because they get a longer date.

I've never asked or expected a lady to give me a discount or an extended session when I've been canceled on. I don't come on here and cry about it either. I just see someone else.

I'm not paying a cancellation fee. Now, if I had to cancel a few hours before and the lady had already rented a room specifically for me and driven there specifically for me, I would definitely pay her enough next time to make up for that. However, I've never canceled an appointment on that short of notice. If I ever cancel one the night before (or longer) though, too bad. You're out no real money at that point, and I'm sure you wouldn't compensate me if you had to cancel either.

BTW, a discount or extended time is only half-ass compensation. It REQUIRES me to see you still and you still make money. It also assumes I have the time or desire to still see you.


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