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Re: It was a hysterical e-mail that was completely harmless to anyone.

Posted 6/9/2012 at 2:12:02 PM

Hey Julia,

You're totally missing the point here...


And the other point is...


And the last piont is...


If you haven't figured it out, then TER has done the work for you by protecting people's email's privacy. PERIOD!

If TER removed the post... at that point IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! What's done is done! Move on.



Posted By: JuliasLilSecret
Kind of like me copying a joke that I was sent by someone.  It wasn't something being posted out of malice or anything like that.

This person e-mailed me saying that he was looking for an intimate encounter, his favorite position was 69, he had no references, but his girlfriend was out of town for a week an he needed some good pussy.

I reposted it under "How NOT to request a date."  

I considered it to be an informative, educational, and humorous post.  And I'm sure that you would have LOVED it, because it really was funny as hell.  LOL



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