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I have blacklisted guys I have never seen for both harrassing me and

Posted 5/31/2012 at 7:44:57 AM

making veiled threats to "find out where I am staying to teach me a lesson." Some guys are annoying while some are straight up a danger to the community. I guess it depends on the provider to decide which is which. If all they are blacklisting is your handle, no harm done. Women will still see a guy who is blacklisted.

@ the poster above...it makes perfect sense to blacklist someone who has made threats. Should we wait til he calls the cops on us or tries to harm us in person? Men are blacklisted all the time for NCNS, but I would never use real info for something such as that. Shorting, ROBs, threats, assault, all warrant a true blacklist. Being annoying or writing a not so good review, does NOT warrant a guy's life being ruined!

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