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What do providers think about who you have reviewed?

Posted 5/30/2012 at 8:11:11 PM

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Something I've been thinking about and would love to get some thoughts and feedback.  I've seen a variety of girls in this hobby from total unknowns with no reviews all the way up to the rockstars who are at the top of this business.  Do you think providers look at the reviews I've written or will write and make judgements about who I have been with?  

I'm curious about this from 2 angles.  Do the highest end providers look at reviews or whitelists / okays and make judgements if you have also seen or continue to see mid-tier (for lack of a better description) ladies?  Conversely, do mid-tier ladies make judgements if they reference check you and you're giving them or seeing an "ok" by a top 10 provider in the world.

The latter is probably a positive for that provider since she's "dating up" (again for lack of a better way of saying it) but I could see once you've seen top providers then maybe now you're in that "club."  Are you stuck in that club?  Meaning, if I saw the #1 provider in the world, then hit a few backpage girls (amplifying this example for simplicity), would the #2 provider in the world that I would like to see next (or their assistant who is booking me) make judgements about that and not want to book me?  

If I've worked up to racing F1 Ferraris then go down to NASCAR for a bit, can I still go back to racing F1 or will my sponsors drop me? lol...

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