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You should have cancelled the hotel by 6 PM and got your money back

Posted 5/28/2012 at 2:48:56 AM

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Little head didn’t allow you to think, did it?

No one is ever stood up by a provider, ever. It only happened to you in the history of the hobby!


Posted By: Walker.travis15
Has any one ever got stood up by a provider.  I booked an overnight date with a provider a week in advance at a nice upscale hotel.  I emailed a couple times during the week to see if there are any changes.  On the day of the meeting, the provider emails me and says she is having a car problems and can't meet me at the hotel I booked which is like 2 hours away from her, and she wants me to drive 2 hrs to her.  Fine, I said I would if she could confirm.  She said standby because her car has problems...  I had enough and told her I wanted to reschedule.  This is frustrating because I already booked the room and now I'm down $300 and horny and frustrated.  This was for an overnight date too.  Would it be warranted for me to write a review about how I got stood up?


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