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Why do girls advertise a price on backpage and don't want to do anything for the money?

Posted 5/24/2012 at 3:15:28 PM

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Now, this has been a gripe of mines as of late. I just started buying pu$$y off backpage. Lol. It seems to me that many of the girls there are all about that money and not really trying to do anything for the prices they advertise. Recently, I've called a few girls on backpage to set something up and its basically been the same bs. They want me to give them like $150 for the hour or the half an hour and they don't want to do anything once you give them the money. One in particular was this low end porn star I hooked up with 2 weeks ago.

She came into town so I called her to inquire about her rates. She told me $150 for 1/2 hour and $200 for 1 full hour. I thought it was a little too steep for a low end porn star and also someone with new verifiable reviews anywhere. To make a long story short, I got to her apartment and she was telling me how $150 or $200 is not really enough for her to do anything. Bitch!!! Then, why are you advertising some prices that you are not trying to do anything for. Dumbass!!! Like someone wants to pay you $200 for you to just lay there.

I called another one today and she advertised on backpage for $75 for 15 minutes, $100 for 1/2 hour and $150 for the hour. I called her earlier today and told her I wanted to do the hour with her and would call her back later. Also, note I saw her picture on an escort site and it looks like she maybe works there and they usually charge $275 for the hour. I call back later today and she ask me how long I want to see her for. I say 30 minutes cause I just want to play it safe and try her out for the 1st time. I ask her to text me her details and she says ok and hangs up. No text, no pick up when I called her again. Why!!!! If your not trying to do anything for the money your advertising for, then stop putting those figures up on backpage. Dumbass!!!

And 2 other girls did the same thing to me earlier. Asking me how much money I have and how much I'm trying to spend. These tricks just looking for quick money and they think men are stupid. Word to the wise. Watch those hos posing as escorts on backpage. Alot of them are fake and just looking for quick money. They're not trying to do anything but lay there and take rod and leave.

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