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Anyone else being stalked by this nut?

Posted 5/24/2012 at 8:09:23 AM

I guess his magic 8 ball didn't tell him he would be resorting to spamming hooker ads to make a dime lol. By all means don't even respond to him, or you will be called a dirty whore, stupid, you have aids, etc. His future prediction for me was, "Aids and Arrest" lol. Hmm, a stand up guy indeed!

He hits every hooker ad on eros BEGGING for OUR business because he is too cheap to place an ad, yet he thinks we are the scum of the earth? Brilliant marketing dude bwahahaha.

Just hit spam, as that's where it belongs. Do people really fall for this crap? A guy claiming his "powers" are from God but can't resist insulting those who don't want his wacko services is off in more ways than one. If I needed my damn cards read, it would be from someone in the French Quarter so I can put money back in New Orleans!

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