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I've reconsidered my evaluation

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:58:35 PM

I'm changing my 6 to a 4 .

The  point I was  making . She's not too hot .
 This is a ridiculous case .
Two days on the job and she's trying to sue  .
  Is that her record ?

I'm not claiming some horny old goat  didn't
hire her , looking at her tits ,not realizing she's
a body with no brains .

  I wouldn't have hired the bimbo in the
first place , whether  she is a man or woman .

Only because I listened to her talk heart to heart . :-D

Other than that , she's not even doable on a drunk night,
from my perspective. :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D


Posted By: hotplants
I don't know the details, and neither do you. She could be completely full of shit. But, that doesn't change the overall reality.

As far as a woman firing her?

The only more formidable opponent to a woman in a work environment, whom the boss who can't think beyond the erection he gets when talking to her, is another woman colleague who realizes this.  

And, you'll give her a 6 if she doesn't talk? And, it is more likely she doesn't compare to the Hot Jewish girls  working there.

Are you trying to help me make my point?


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