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That is the same steps the lady can take. They are not always that effective are they.

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:56:31 PM

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They do not control their reviews, profile or anything else here TER does. That is the whole truth of it. Expecting the ladies who likely are not members and have no power to police reviews is as silly as expecting you to police a blacklist site. It really is not in their power and all they can do is complain. Some times it works but most of the time it don't work.

Is it fair that ladies have fake reviews? No. Does it make things riskier for us? yes. Is it the providers fault? No. Do they have the power to fix it? No more than you do and you had no luck. Is it their job to fix something that is not their fault and have little power over? No. It is TER's. They have the power. They police the reviews. They make the call, not the provider. The person that you should be complaining about is not the provider who is not at fault but the asshat that wrote the damn fake review to start with.

P.S. I do not claim to know you. I am only saying that you are clueless as you have repeatedly in this thread been wrong with how things work here. Providers do not write there profiles we do. Providers do not have over over their reviews, only TER has that. I am only claim you are whining as post after post you explained the same complaint. As for me ignoring you, maybe later but right now I am enjoying you arguing in circles. Why would I give up my entertainment? :D

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