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An Update...

Posted 5/23/2012 at 5:29:54 PM

Hey Folks,

Just a quick update.

Those 2 providers that I mentioned here, TER did do another check on both of them and it turns out that their claims of fake reviews are false.

In other words, their claims of fake reviews were already checked out and the reviews turned out to be true.

Yea, I know that some of you conspiracy folks will blame TER for not doing their job. Well, TER is doing their job and if you don't like it... leave TER and go play somewhere else.



Posted By: serpius

... Your Fake Reviews Up?

I have read 2 providers that have admitted they have kept their fake reviews up on TER.

So, my question is:

Why? Why keep those fake reviews up?

Obviously, it's against TER rules and you can be banned for keeping those fake reviews up. Why not come clean with TER and let your guilty conscience go free. Possibly, the worst thing that TER will do is slap your hand and tell you not to do it again.



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