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also as for me, I have

Posted 5/20/2012 at 7:02:00 AM

for example some who come for nfour hours we do maybe two easy enjoyable not pse def gfe living sensual mutually enjoyableun staining sexual encounters. gettn oaid for four hours and soending time shopping, eating dinner out.........................some of us get alot of time soent for time n companionship too, there are appts and clientelle out there that get an appt yes but you getn oaid to talk to them nspend a afternoon evening out or whole dayb togeher. no escort can read your mindm and if we are accustimed to being spoiled and doing extended visits dinner dates, then for some one getting just a small donation an d quick visit we arent exopecting to get yes poiunded the shit out of for full hour, i imagine that is porn star experience, hard core fast long, leaving maybe not much energy left to ever do anythin else rest of day so its why they charge more, if shemade nyou come twice so fast i imagine she was workn her ass off to donit i ndoubt you came with out her breakn a sweat she prob worked so hard maybe she needed a min, i know the secind nut, froj my experience unless in a rare case , it is more work to get him to nut twice, and well we are remebr live human beings with muscles tissue thatis capable of tearing, and nerve endings that get tired afte bouncing alkl ver you and suckin you off as haRD WE CAN..........MY LORD.  she was probly beat. n need a minto recooperate , it is tiring ..................... but how are we to know if we are used to exotended visits that throw down g noted and close to it, then some one comes along and waznts to put you outa work for the week by squeezin every ounce of life out ya for that hour gfe rate not even pse, .....................

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