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Re: BINGO! The illusion of the hobby only sets guys up for even MORE

Posted 5/17/2012 at 8:59:24 PM

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Posted By: London Rayne
reality! If you think that because you can pay for a 10 that you can also get a dozen for free, you are kidding yourself. I mean yes it is certainly possible, but it has nothing to do with this business here and what is done in it. This is not about some poor dude who gets rejected..sounds more to me like a horny guy who just wants to fk hot women by any means possible. There are good women of all shapes, ages, and sizes, but you get used to fkin porn stars and supermodels and suddenly a regular 8 is only a 2...whose fault is that?

This is definitely on my mind. I like to think I have reasonable expectations when it comes to dating. I usually try for what I consider to be "average looking" women. I just hope that my definition of "average" doesn't get skewed by the hobby...

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