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If I want to marry her I will ask 

Posted 5/15/2012 at 5:32:23 PM

From my perspective , for sure not yours .

Where did you come up with your  99.9 %  ?
 A street protest ?

 I've only found one provider that came close to
matching  up with my best real world women .
  That's not why I am here .

  The #  1  advantage  of TER providers ,  they never  badger ,
asking  when are we getting married  .
 A forced marriage ruins  the mood, no matter how good she looks .




Posted By: lungman
The point is, your still getting your money's worth, 6, 8, 10, whatever. For 99.9% of us, any and all of these ladies.( TER ladies ) are a BIG step up, from what we can get in the real world, and you know it. I'm not talking about street skanks or BP hoes, i'm talking about the ladies who frequent TER. So quit whining if she is a couple of pounds heavier or whatever, she's still gonna be the best piece of ass you can hope to ever have!!
What 20 to 40 y/o ( assuming your 50+ ) would even give you the time of day, in the real world??...NONE
A pimp?...let's just say, it has it's benefits!!  


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