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I ended up on it unintentionally,

Posted 5/13/2012 at 6:37:40 AM

i never been on these boards and well at first getting on here well over did it and was nuts over it, like a kid thatgets a new toy, it kinda lost its excitement for me n i laid off. me personally never had a dream of bein a tp ten nposter or intentially ended up doin it! it was brought my attention by some one else whom aid hey u r on the top ten poster list! I thought it was funny n that was the end of it, the thought hadnt really crossed my mind since, n i didnt really give it a secind thought til now. after readin your post, at least i got my 130 dollahs worth , what i npaid for my annula ter membership, i def got alot fun out it, n still do i love readin what people write , responding, i actually am also not completely opposed to engaging in the pccasional debate either , with any one, which innevidably seems to happen. getting into debates actually stimulates the brain n is healthy n keeps you n the brain workn so i also love the occasional heated debate with opposing forces to my two cents i toss in there,        you think theres folks intentionally seekin out to get on top ten????? post list??????                 i personally never had the thought in my ind any one would . What exactly would thier motive be in din that?                      i never really thought that would be a mission for any one, i mean certainly its not goin to win you free membership or respect from peers, i wouldhave guessed the majority as a whole dont even know or care or check the top ten list? no?                                                                    i did notice another two alias in top ten nwhile mine was n  i do like readin what they post, onhere, ... actually. whats wrong with people postin alot , any how why would this even bother you? women posters we actually pay pretty good money nfor our meberships we dont have to e option to post reviews {real or fake} to get free mebersjip , i belive its 130 yearly mebership,
sp who are you meaning that bragged about it/ i never heard any one ranting or braggin bout top ten list? it is sorta amusin tobe so much on here youd get on it, maybe funny if anythin, ................seems like alot hostility here about top ten posters? what got u so upset? have vpity on some one? i dont think you need to havepity on people postin oin a board, ,,,,? wow, thats a weird post, but ok, !

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