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Re: MSHSEX your handle is your alias.

Posted 5/9/2012 at 3:16:31 PM

I was going to reply to your lengthy, erroneous post, but I'm going to refer you to a response that a beautiful, intelligent lady wrote in a more concise, eloquent manner than you ever could hope for:



Posted By: scoed
You have no reviews that tie you to being an actual person or place. You have nothing but an alias. A handle is just an alias until it has reviews behind it. By the way I have no issues with aliases, just review-less, identity-less handles thinking they are not hiding as indeed they are. No alias is more anonymous then your handle is right now.

Plus we all have something to hide. We are all engaged in breaking the law. Many are cheating on their spouses. Some guys have an embarrassing lack of function they don't wish to make common knowledge, yet have questions regarding it. Some here are getting blackmailed or being stalked. Some do not wish to post under their handle with reviews because they want to talk about a bad experiences in the hobby and don't want to hurt those they reviewed because they are not the lady(ies) in question. Or a lady may have a business image needed to be maintained and answering some questions honestly like "Do you have a boy friend?"would hurt that image. Every person here is hiding something from someone.

So when you have tethered yourself with reviews, then you can talk. But at this time all you have is an alias, and don't go making yourself look stupid by pretending otherwise. And don't go pretending you are not hiding something. You admitted to seeing sex workers, is you are not hiding something just go down to the cops all about it. I am sure they would love to hear exactly how have nothing to hide. You will not do that because like everyone else in this world you to have things to hide. Now tell me I am wrong about any of what I said.


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