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Re: The only difference between being a host and ...

Posted 5/7/2012 at 5:08:15 AM

She was probably busy working!  I always wondered how that was going to work for providers who can't be online during an appt?


Posted By: MSHSEX
The Host/Hostess idea was a GREAT one and NOT useless. The problem was in its execution, namely the SELECTION of some of the hosts and their INABILITY to act effectively.

For example, AFTER she was selected, the Atlanta forum's hostess actually started posting LESS. Even though she is well-regarded and liked on the Atlanta forum, she was completely INEFFECTIVE and didn't truly understand what being a hostess was all about. Only after some prodding did she start to post more, but by then it was too little, too late.

Like so many things in life, great ideas are often ruined by poor execution and effort. This is what happened to the Host/Hostess idea.


Posted By: cantseeddp
... everyone else on these boards is that your name appears in red. I still have no idea why they even invented the position. Seems like admin realized how useless it is on the other boards already.


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