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Last time I dated a stripper she was blonde 

Posted 4/25/2012 at 1:24:41 PM

Now that I thought  about it , that was the last time I dated a blonde .

 Trauma lingers in our subconscious, often imbedding  
generalizations in our brain that aren't true .
 I will tell you why she wouldn't see you after hours .

 The lap dance room is safer and more profitable
 from her perspective .


Posted By: Truck21
You guys were right I should have not went back to the strip club I had gotten couple Regualr lap lap dances at 20.00 about 4 em then 2 nude lap dances for 40.00 then kept tipping this skinny blonde girl, damn it's hard finding a blonde as a provider in my area, this is so stupid I threw $400 on this chick an go home mad , I don't see why she wouldn't rather see me after hours , guess I'll go look for a provider now


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