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Re: Screaming at you NO!!!!!!!!

Posted 4/25/2012 at 7:46:10 AM

I agree with Jessica.I had something interesting happen to me. After deciding on looking at a place the owner came to my hotel to pick me up . When I got in the car I truly did not recognize him it had been a couple of years since his 2K member verification lol! He took me to his house to introduce me to his wife to get her approval. She was nasty and critical about my credit score back then.But he took over and rented to me. He would sorta hang out and try to strike up a conversation from time to time and as I thought of it his last name did ring a bell.I carried on like a tenant not someone in his past.I think it bewildered him because I never gave him a notion  that I remembered him.Keeping it on a business
level is wise.I would never want to be involved in that way with someone I met in this industry.That would feel like i moved in with him and you never know if they will stalk you,pull a peeping Tom on you of try to report you.Landlords hold the torch in court and you would never want to be outed .It would be alot harder for you to explain that a landlord made advances to you.Obsession is a bad omen.And he would be in trouble too for living off your funds.

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