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I feel very fortunate .....

Posted 4/24/2012 at 8:47:05 PM

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I am very appreciative of my fellow hobbiests for their expert guidance.   As a result, I have had outstanding success with my dates.   My first visit, however, was not reviewed, for many reasons.   The visit wasn't so great as I wasn't sure exactly what to expect and our chemistry never connected very well.   I didn't feel it would have been terribly fair to write a review.   Being new, it was as much my issues as hers.

Since then, with one exception, my other visits have been extraordinary. As I said, I give much credit to my fellow reviewers, and I have dutifully done my homework.  

In my reviews, I try to say a few notable things about the visit, some things that made my time with her particularly memorable for me.   And on another level, it's a thank you, in public, to the lady for just how much I appreciate the lovely time we spent together.

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