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I'll tip if she deserves the tip. But, I use to tip becasue I was accustomed to tipping.

Posted 4/24/2012 at 6:58:02 PM

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For example, if I see a $300 an hour girl, and she exceeds my expectations and is willing to go that extra step, I will give her another bill because $300 an hour did not do her justice for the kind of service I received. Sometimes, if she goes that extra mile, but I feel that $100 is too much, I'd give her $60.

$300 an hour sometimes is debatable because it is on the borderline of average. There are some hot girls that charge this amount, and there are some regular girls that charge more. So, if I am seeing a provider that is charging $400 an hour, the most I will tip is $60.

I use to tip every time I hobbied because I was accustomed to tipping. However, I've learned that it can put a hole in my pocket if I continue it. So, I only tip if she exceeds my expectations. Tipping is not required, but appreciated. Just like going to the barber. If I'm getting a $60 haircut, I won't tip because $60 is too much for my hair cut. All that is required for me is a quick trim. However, some of the best barbers I see charge $12. So, I tip them $20 more dollars because their rates are low, and they do a good job. Hope that make sense.

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