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Nope, do not review.

Posted 4/24/2012 at 9:29:41 AM

I did review previously but after getting grief from providers who disagreed with my reviews, got upset when I reviewed/ saw anyone besides them and one provider who turned stalkerish, making threats about contacting people in my real life I left the scene for a couple years & now I don't review.  I have found that I get much more accurate information BC rather than with review anyways. People will share information BC that they would get slammed for when putting in a review. Some people feel that you can't trust BC info but if several people tell you the same things about their experiences I am likely to believe it.


Posted By: TwasBrillig
If yes, do you review because
-you get free TER days
-you feel responsible to fellow hobbyists and the TER concept?

If not, is it because
-you are worried about exposure
-you are worried about being black-listed
-just didn't take the time

For me, it is primarily out of a sense of responsibility.   The free days are nice, but I could afford it without them.  


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