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Why bother with an Agency?

Posted 3/12/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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I'm only into my fourth month of hobbying,..
Nearly all of it, after about the first month, with top inddependent vips throughout the US and Canada.
Question: Why choose someone associated with an Agency?
Seems to me they might be newbies.... And I'm beyond that in my desire to only pick the best of the best throughtout the country,
More quiestions:
- Is there a greater risk for hobbyists to try to book a non-vip, non-independent?
- If I were in the gals' shoes (heels), I don't know why, if I consider myself a top vip, why I would want to give up income to pay over to an agency. Just seems to me that Agency gals are ones who are new to the biz and need a jump start. Happy for them if this helps them out, but I'm not one that feels the need to part with my time and $ to help newbies.



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