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Re: I think some people are a little paranoid

Posted 5/27/2012 at 5:09:32 PM

I agree with the paranoid thing lol. So here's what I think is going on... I do NOT.think bwi is cracking down harder than ever and doing "major busts" the only article I've seen is the one about the nasty crapmircotel hotel. I think that one dude told another dude about that article and he told another all paranoid and yada yada snowball effect a bust mentioned in the news turns into bwi is doing major busts and surveillance.

Remember like a year ago when that giel from cali was kidnapped and being forced to work out of that same shit hole motel? They didn't do major bust crackdowns then, and if ever a time for them to crackdown for the public eye it was then. Maybe they are doing routine busts but like so many have said stick to reviewed NONGHETTO professionals who look like normal girls and doesn't matter of they're at'll be okay. I'm in town and have been comin to bwi for almost 3years and I stay in upscale hotels and I am SAFE :)

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