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Tried it once or twice.... 

Posted 5/17/2012 at 2:52:31 PM

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I, too, was interested in the fantasy of being hypnotized and used by a beautiful, dominant woman, so I looked into the field of hypnodommes.

Found a lot of women on the internet whose focus is selling audios and videos that do femdom with hypnotic induction and (the promise of) post-hypnotic suggestions.   And a lot of them seem to specialize in "Financial Hypno Domination".  A few offer "hands free orgasms", too.  (never quite got
that one to work! - #$@!)

A lot of them deal with feminization and "sissification" (their words).  These seem to be the most prevalent scenarios they offer.

A lot of the audios/videos I found were *very* poorly produced, some being virtually impossible to understand.   With the advent of better digital production technology for the home, a lot of them have gotten *substantially* better.

I did find one woman in LA who did in-person domination sessions with hypnosis.  (She specifically asked me not to give her name out on provider boards).  

We had several very enjoyable sessions together, most of which dealt with her putting me under, then finding myself restrained.  She'd do various and sundry things to my body and forcing me to do things to her as well.   A lot of the time I was blindfolded and listening to her recordings.  Some of the things she had me do while under hypno were kind of amazing, but very fun.  

Never any FS, but a lot of fun nonetheless.

In short, and this is what she explained to me, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  You only allow to happen what you really want to happen.

So (and this is my take) its all basically role-playing.  If you're into the whole hypnosis fantasy, then
you'll have a much better time.  Let yourself go and give it a try.

I wish she were still around, though I think she only sells videos and audios now.  I'd definitely do it again.


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