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Expanding on the thoughts of the post further down on the page concerning "golden showers".....

Posted 5/16/2012 at 7:05:07 PM

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Is it usually the norm that a Dom will only use your body to shower her golden nectar upon or are there really instances where she may let go her entire stream into the subs open mouth ?
I've yet to find a review or a lady that details this particular humiliation practice.

This may read as a silly question but what are the possible health concerns if any from ingesting another persons urine ? Google says urine contains about 95% water, urea, uric acid, Sodium Chloride, fatty acids, enzymes and carbohydrates. I guess the practice of drinking urine is not performed by those who follow the Atkins diet.

Is it really possible that a Dominant peeing in a submissives mouth can be somewhat sexually or otherwise satisfying for the Dom ?

Troubled minds need to know.


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