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Re: Spoke with her on phone before

Posted 5/30/2012 at 3:38:54 PM

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She did not sound foriegn at all. She mentioned that this was a side thing and that she needed to remain discreet because of a professional job. That could be true, it could also be a ruse that is designed to excuse the fact she has no reviews, remember rip off artists are not going to tell you what they are doing.

The fact she isn't asking 100 or 150 or something is a good sign as that would be an immediate tip off it was TGTBT. Then again, that is a tough one to take for the team if it is some sort of scam/bait and switch,etc - a real good time could be had with a girl the likes of the one in the pics for that. With you being near Cleveland, I would probably pass as they get a decent amount of girls touring through there who have good reviews. In my region I would consider taking a crack as there is not much that I am going to miss out on anyway.

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