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Girls need to smell better: a need for ambiance 

Posted 5/19/2012 at 11:05:51 AM

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I've been to many incalls in the last 6 months and realize one big thing: the ladies are pretty much nice. The one real complaint is that only like 1 or 2 ladies out of 27 actually smell sexy or tantalizing and I'm not just saying the lower kitty arena. Most ladies are using not sexy or even smelly fragrances that don't sensuate sexual power or some just don't wear any fragrance and smell just okay nothing special. That's my one advice to those great providers go spend $30 on smell and u will get 20 folds back in tips and customers we will appreciate it adds to excitement. Im along with 2 other top Cleveland hobbyists are still looking for a good local provider: please PM if interested from 22 to 38 yrs old and in okay shape. The ladies will about 6 to 11 visits a month and price willing to pay is 300 to 500. Thanks y'all.

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