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At least on the advertising sites I view.....

Posted 5/16/2012 at 2:37:26 PM

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there are very few ads that feature girls that are in their mid twenties, much less under 21. I am excluding the obvious fake ads run on backpage and other sites where the BS posters usually list the age as 20 something. Unless it becomes illegal to see a provider who is 35 or older, in this region that is, then I don't see much of an issue in this area with underage girls being in the hobby. I am sure it happens but it is not evident by the ads I view.

Anyone who knowingly sees a underage girl should be charged with a felony, actaully I don't understand why all child predators are not simply executed, what value do these people have to society anyway. People are so afraid of making judgements on anything or anyone and it has stripped the society at large of its ability to separate what is accepatable and tolerable and what is not based on traditional norms of the western world.

Those who unknowingly fall into a situation fall into a different category, though they could be judged on their behavior before and during the encounter. Those who look for the "barely legal" types are to a certain extent asking for trouble, but if that person viewed the idea of being with a girl that wasn't of age as abhorrent then I can respect their preference.

I'd have a hard time thinking that a hobbyist who found himself in a situation where the girl he meets at the door is underage wouldn't have some sort of tell-tale sign that it might be the case. Obviously the mannerisms of the girl, for those who have been in the hobby a while, I think we know the standard meeting with a legit of age provider. Aside from behavior of the girl, does she have a computer in the vicinity, in the room. I don't think I have ever saw a girl who didn't have one in the room. I would assume that a pimp or whatever would not permit the captive victim to access a computer or even a phone. All things to consider, if it doesn't feel right then you should just leave.

Before the meeting there are only a few things you can really do to vouch for age. Years worth of reviews would be one. Is there really anything else? I mean pictures are great, you can judge the age by those, especially if reviews say they are accurate. But what if a guy shows up to meet a girl who in her pics looked of age and it turns out to be another person who might happen to be underage. Then one has to trust their instincts and if it smells bad take your leave.

I have never had a hobby date where I thought the girl was underage but there was one where I had a bad feeling about it being something shady. In this happenstance I took my leave before anything besides conversation took place, even after handing over the donation. I don't want no part of seeing a girl in this hobby who is in it against her will regardless of her age, a girl can be of legal age and still be in it against her will.

Since I have pretty much made it a rule to avoid any agency who is advertising a girl who is from a foreign country, not sure if the situation where I took my leave was one where there was anything was out of the ordinary, but some things that transpired made me a bit uneasy as it was not what I was used to.

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