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Want both - neither is to be had here..lol

Posted 5/16/2012 at 12:41:05 PM

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I think in certain regions (LA,LV,NY,Fla) that good quality can be had in high quantity. That is my ideal environment, a steady stream of perfect 10 girls coming in and out of town complimented with a decent local selection, in that scenario I could see myself seeing a girl on multiple occasions only if she was out of this world.

Variety is good, the problem is there is only a few places where there is high end quality in quantity.

There are a handful of girls I have seen on multiple occasions, or made the effort to do so and not been able to schedule. But only a couple of these I would have made the effort to see again had the selection been better - saw them again because the body was real nice and performance, while not great, was not bad and worth seeing because nothing else was appealing.

If your only into model-like perfect 10 type providers with really good reviews then there is little quantity. Rather than see the few that fit that bill multiple times I choose to sit out and wait, and wait and wait, until I see what I like. Good for the wallet, not so good for free time fun.

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