QueenBia See my TER Reviews 5769 reads

Have you read any reviews?

Yes, but of course.

Oceansfun4854 reads

Are there any pro Dommes off Eros, etc that also do FS even if UTR in that arena?

Have you read any reviews?

Yes, but of course.

I'm in the East Bay Area and provide such a service. Inbox me for details.

I prefer to refer to myself more as a hybrid, I do both. I enjoy both quite fully and am equally passionate about the two. I have a passion for kink, and a lust for lust. I think it's only natural to want to combine your play with intimacy and sexual play.


MsSerene4487 reads

Always looking for a good face to sit on.


I offer both myself. The BDSM doesn't reflect in my GFE website, but I am working on a BDsM website. I keep the two sePerate but if someone wants to combine the Two I am MORE then happy too.

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