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I always play that way :D

Posted 2/11/2012 at 9:22:01 AM

But as you discuss that hasn't always been the scene.  And in some areas of play that is still the "norm".

But after getting back into the game after a fairly long hiatus I have found that many of the gals that I have seen for GFE sessions have now become BDSM sessions that ALWAYS has FS as part of the scene.

I just had a double last week that exemplifies exactly what you are discussing.  This session had two gals (one very very submissive with her gal pal more into the Domme scene).  The two hour playtime was the first hour BOTH gals played as bondage sluts for me.  And the "corporal" that I used was a shitload of fun (at least for me it was :) ).  And with their uncontrollable laughter I am guessing they were enjoying it too?  Tickling is such an evil "torture"..don't you think?

The second hour we "switched" and the Domme gal had her way with me while the submissive gal just laid on the GFE part of a session.  I think I can safely say that "everyone" got something they liked during the two hours.  I know that I would repeat this type of session in a heartbeat.

And many other gals that I am currently playing with are "experiencing" BDSM in a way that they are more curious about than as a lifestyle player.  Some just are a one and done as the BDSM is too intense for them...but I always stay within a gal's limits as she expresses them.  While other ladies seem to want to explore their own limits...and I'm more than happy to oblige :)

I generally stay away from the commercial dungeons here in ChiTown.  Been there and it's not the scene I prefer to play in.  I find there is nothing like seeing a gals eyes widen when they realize that they are in such a restrictive hogtie that they are truly "exposed".  Start adding on clothespins, rubber bands, wartenburg wheels, crops, floggers and such and the game is really on.  A few gals have now experienced a TENS unit and ironically many really enjoy that sensation.

I'm always looking for NEW ladies to "experiment" with and on.  And it doesn't seem there is a shortage of those gals in Chicago :)

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