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Hear, hear!

Posted 2/11/2012 at 8:44:27 AM

Personally, it is impossible for me to separate BDSM and sexual play. As a sub, I will do nearly anything to please my Top should the chemistry be right, and I've yet to meet a man (or woman) that turned down pleasure when I beg for it. Not to sound greedy, but why should I get all the pain and none of the pleasure?! But in seriousness, I have been judged for it by some communities and scenes, but I still am proud of my rampant sexuality! We are treasures in a world of hush-hush kinks, ice queen wives/girlfriends/partners and condemnation for living loud and proud.

I can see how it makes sense for Dommes being in the untouchable Goddess role, but as a sub, we are just little play things for our Masters;)

Thanks for the post, Bebedoll!

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