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Planning for a tour

Posted 4/13/2012 at 6:59:59 AM

As a companion, it's crucial to plan ahead when touring. This allows us to determine whether it's beneficial to visit that particular area. Although, some companions will claim that money is basically a second factor...ultimately it all boils down to finances in the end. Sometimes, even if they didn't receive a huge response prior to her arrival, they'll go ahead and take a gamble. Then, after arriving in town, the requests still aren't coming in. Typically, at that time, they'll post a few additional ads hoping to fill their dance card. This process is common.

My largest concern at this point is verification. It is very difficult to efficiently and thoroughly verify a gentleman last minute. In my opinion, safety is top priority. For that very reason, I will have an overflow list. This is gentlemen on standby waiting for a possible opening. These gentlemen have all been pre-verified to eliminate any safety concerns.

I wouldn't necessarily be reluctant to visit with these companions, if their looking for last minute bookings....as long as their verifying. Without verification, the companion is ultimately showing that her safety....and well, YOURS...is void. This type of practice, I would abstain from at all cost.

Paris Bouvier

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