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Providers vs Sugarbabies(SBs)...please discuss

Posted 6/4/2012 at 11:25:18 AM

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With the proliferation of sites such as seekingarrangement.com, I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on the the pros and cons of these arrangements compared to the Provider experience.

In my experience both situations have pluses and minuses..I guess it depends on what you're feeling up for at that point in life.

Not that every SB arrangement is as 'intimate' physically, but there is some value for a monthly stipend of 5K-10k a month as opposed to 'a la carte' rates for a provider which can run 3k-5k per night.

However, I know of SB/SD arrangement which start off very NSA and eventually turn sticky and complicated.  So I believe providers are more apt to lead to less potential problems in that regard.

That being said...I tend to prefer on-going relationships with providers...I live in Santa Barbara and New York and tend to see the same groups of women in both SoCal and NYC.  Additionally on a couple of occasions providers have offered a fixed monthly rate as our relationship has progressed.

I guess on a spectrum with 1 being keeping it fairly episodic fun and business..10 being a full relationship with added element of financial support, I would fall around 7-8.  I like friendships, and am able to keep them within mutually agreed upon parameters.

What does everyone else think?  Thanks!

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