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I would thoroughly exhaust that pink dirigible! 

Posted 5/31/2012 at 12:29:33 PM

I've often wondered what it is like to walk around with an appendage that has a mind of its own! I have nipples which respond without conscious effort, but it's just not the same as having something start uncontrollably creeping its way down my leg because the right jiggle or bounce caught my eye.

First, I would head for 3rd street Santa Monica and oggle the beautiful women walking by just so I could experience the sensation of repeated erections and deflations. Then I'd be a total perv... masturbating in restrooms, my vehicle, the movie theatre... pretty much anywhere! After exhausting the self-pleasure route,  I'd head to WeHo and, much to the chagrin of the original owner of said penis, find some horny boy toy to truly exercise the experience with! Giving a blow job is an utter turn on, but how I would love to know the sensation of receiving one!

Damn Ashely... you've ruined me for the rest of the day with this question. I'll never be able to focus on work now!

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