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human touch can't be matched

Posted 5/27/2012 at 11:40:11 PM

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My $0.02- video games, porn, and even social sites, have caused a fissure in human interaction.  I've suffered through most of them.  It makes a person reclusive.  Sure, there's interaction, but it's not the true human experience- physical and mental chemistry.  Someone can make a case for FB, but it has caused a separation with reaching out to call someone to say hello.

The providers do things that can't be replaced.  They show expressions and emotions that should be more addictive than a technical escape.  There are risks in everything we do.  One takes the bad with the good.  If you treat any of the ladies poorly, reality will set in quick and possibly permanent.  We become humble and learn to apologize for our mistakes.  We learn the difference between confidence and overbearing.  There is no reset or delete, we mature in life.

Too much of one thing is bad.  In the case of accidentally calling 911 and then not answering when they call back... that's a $1,000 / 10 second learning experience if the police, fire truck, and ambulance show up (not me, a gamer friend LOL).  I asked him why he didn't answer the call...

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