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Re: Give the choice, I'd take the real chick everytime!

posted 5/27/2012 at 10:01:18 PM

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Postedby: NeedleDick, the BugFucker
But alas, I'd go broke.

So I'll just beat off, and go blind!

Your post made me think of an issue I have never once seen discussed here before:

Who is the funniest provider anyone here knows?

We are always talking about and comparing tits, ass, pussy, and ability to use them.

I dont know of a provider who is anywhere near as funny as you are. But they must be out there.

When it comes to sex and relationships, women often rate us higher if we have a good sense of humor.

Do most men even care about how funny a woman is when deciding if he is attracted?

I think it would be awesome to fuck a provider who is funny as hell.

Of course, I'd also want her to be gorgeous...but funny would make it even hotter.