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Repeat clients

Posted 5/27/2012 at 8:41:56 AM

In answer to your question- when I am home, I have a great percentage of repeat clients- about 75%.  Once I repeat visiting an area, again, I have numerous repeats.  

In my opinion, every gent who comes through the door the second time is a bonus for me.  I don't need to be concerned that he might be LE, and I know he is safe- so why WOULDN'T I want repeat business!  I get to know them, remember what they like, feel relaxed and feel like I'm with an old friend.

There are only 2 gents that I turned down when they called me to repeat... and that was because they had something I found EXTREMELY vulgar to me.  That's 2 gents in almost 2 years- needless to say- a very small percentage.  I can typically find something sexy, appealing  and special about every gent.

If you continue to get turned down you may want to check that all is right with your hygeine, etc.  That is why most ladies I know of choose to decline a gent.

Take care!

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