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Bottom line for now

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:41:28 PM

you have no access to K-dolls which means they will not have to suffer you. Everything else you say will not change that. So ,enjoy ,your time in wilderness.


Posted By: Migs1224
Proof read your posts genius and make sure you read other's carefully.  All I see you do on this forum is trash hobbyists and "defend" k-girls.  Dude, they don't need you.  You are a way they make money.  They don't love you and don't need you to defend them.  Maybe you need to take some time out from the hobby because you spend way too much time on here, and I think your sense of reality is seriously out of whack.  And gfys tough guy.


Posted By: Harpman60
should have had you have had you alias flipped the previous times  you used you handle and alias on the same thread.

I do not need you to prove anything to me and I would believe the word of a trusted Booker and K-doll over an alias bearing post. Again no smoke without fire.  



Posted By: Migs1224
And furthermore (this guy really gets under my skin) despite guys begging me to out the girl so they can "stay away from her" I never even came close.  I could have included details to corroborate my story but if I would have it would have been obvious to everyone who I was referring to. It mattered more to me to respect said k-girl than to have to prove to you, smart guy, that I wasn't lying.
As a matter of fact no its not a westside booker, and no it's not the booker for "the top ten k-girls". Again, I was having an open and honest discussion and you started calling me a liar and making me seem "predatory". I don't know why you argue with FIDCUOF because you are two peas in a pod.


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