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You are no different than Fidcuof and you .

Posted 5/23/2012 at 8:08:24 AM

should have had you have had you alias flipped the previous times  you used you handle and alias on the same thread.

I do not need you to prove anything to me and I would believe the word of a trusted Booker and K-doll over an alias bearing post. Again no smoke without fire.  



Posted By: Migs1224
And furthermore (this guy really gets under my skin) despite guys begging me to out the girl so they can "stay away from her" I never even came close.  I could have included details to corroborate my story but if I would have it would have been obvious to everyone who I was referring to. It mattered more to me to respect said k-girl than to have to prove to you, smart guy, that I wasn't lying.
As a matter of fact no its not a westside booker, and no it's not the booker for "the top ten k-girls". Again, I was having an open and honest discussion and you started calling me a liar and making me seem "predatory". I don't know why you argue with FIDCUOF because you are two peas in a pod.


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