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You are not denied access because of the

Posted 5/23/2012 at 7:54:50 AM

the respect you respect you show the K-dolls. Fact speak louder than words. Bookers are business people who need customers they do not block someone for no reason.


Posted By: Migs1224
Thank you. Seriously Harpman. Pretty much every single post I see from you is you talking trash. Get a life man. I'm trying to contribute to the conversation and all you do is slam people. As I said, I haven't had trouble seeing ANYONE. So your "theory" is ridiculous. You're such a big tough Internet bully aren't you?  I love and respect all the k-girls, but they don't need you to be their white knight. They've got their ish together. If you have nothing to contribute, stop posting in every single thread.


Posted By: CaptainRenault
Always harping on about the poor little KGirls and the Evil Hobbyists.  If Migsosted about a KGirl offering bbfs, who the hell are you to doubt his story?  It seems that any time a hobbyist opines about risky or foolish or stupid KGal behavior, you're up in arms calling the poster a fraud or liar.  Absurd!  No reason for most of these guys to lie.  YOU'RE the fraud, you belligerent buffoon!


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