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You seem to be black listed by K-bookers, I once referred to you as a dangerous hobbyists

Posted 5/22/2012 at 11:52:17 PM

because in a post you accused a K-doll of going bbfs  in what seemed to be a suspect tale. The K-doll in question has had to change her name, and she is currently on vacation most likely to overcome the stigma.

I would submit an absolute :  her Booker , who books 10 or so of the top Westside K-dolls , has identified you and placed you on the BL for your dangerous bbfs ways. Call it Karma catching up with you.

Bookers do not BL someone without cause , they would rather maintain repeat clients , however, they are not going to allow predators anywhere near their K-dolls.      


Posted By: Migs1224
I wanted to see a k-girl who's pretty popular right now. I'm by no means a noob, I just don't post reviews for privacy and to not get on some bookers bad side. Anyhoo, last night I'm trying to see this girl and the booker asks me for ALL my info, full name, work, etc. This is all through text. I told him/her all the other bookers know me. Here are the most recent I've seen and their bookers. No response. I know they can establish whatever criteria for screening they want. And this particular girl is very popular right now so I'm sure they don't care if they lose one customer. But has this happened to anybody else? I've been comfortably on the "inside" of the k-girl scene for a couple of years so this came as a surprise.

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