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Reviewers that don't give 10"s

Posted 5/22/2012 at 12:20:06 AM

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Reviews: 25
“To rate the provider’s appearance and performance, please use the following:
10 She was a one in a million.
9 She was model material.
8 She was really hot.
7 She was attractive.
6 She was nice looking.
5 She was plain looking
4 OK, If you are drunk
3 She was fairly homely.
2 She was simply ugly.
1 I was really scared.

10 It was a one in a million.
9 I forgot it was a service.
8 She went the extra mile.
7 It was really hot
6 It was a nice time.
5 Average
4 She just laid there.
3 It was barely worth the effort.
2 I should have stayed home.
1 A total rip-off.”

You are not the first lady to raise questions about the review rating system.  The review guidelines table shown above is taken from the “REVIEW FAQ.” on this site.  The guidelines state that a 10 should be 0ne in a million.
For the sake of argument let’s assume there are 325 million people in this country and of that number about 180 million are female.  Let’s assume that of that 180 million approximately 80 million are either too young or too old to be considered.  That leaves 100 million females of which 100 should be rated a 10.  In the past ladies have stated the pool of women should only include providers so for the sake of argument let’s assume there are 5 to 10 million providers in this country.  Doing that sort of math means we should expect to see at most 10 providers in the entire country rated as a 10 in appearance and another 10 rated as a 10 in performance.

Based upon the above math if you are even close to a 10 in appearance and close to a 10 in performance then you need to quit worrying about the ratings and start advertising.  In no time at all you will have a line of guys starting at the Nevada border waiting to see you.

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