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Posted 5/21/2012 at 8:26:51 PM

many of your home grown colleagues try to manipulate and badger reviewers in giving them high scores irrespective of whether is they are deserved or not. This is reprehensible and providers should never discuss reviewsAnd score  with clients. You seem to want to be guaranteed 10's irrespective of what role the intangible factors play in the experience. Whatever the score a review should revert the reviewers honest objective review free from press , stress or duress.


There  is nothing wrong with a 7 , a. 9 should be given to exceptional performances and a 10 should mean a once in a lifetime.  


Posted By: SweetCheeks01
I was looking at reviews and noticed that some men refuse to rate ladies as a 10 in appearance and/or performance. There's providers out there that have been in countless magazines and have gorgeous bodies, yet they don't get a 10 from those reviewers. I know that nobody's perfect but isn't that setting unrealistic standards?

I've avoided two reviewers because of this. I'd hate to have my first review start off on the wrong foot. The fact that no matter how hard a provider tried during the appointment or taking care of her appearance, she was a guaranteed 9 in review. If the bar was set at 9, one false move and you get rated much lower. Why would you see someone if you didn't view them as a 10 in your eyes? And if they were identical to their photos, rating a 9 seems unfair because you knew in advance.

Guys, I'd like to hear your opinons on this. What makes you think a girl deserves a 10? And if you're a reviewer that doesn't rate 10's, I'd love to hear your side.


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