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K-doll Shinee review real or hatchet job ?

Posted 5/20/2012 at 7:14:05 PM

Should I be surprised  by how someone with no previous  reviews or DB posts to his credit would suddenly start his account with a hatchet job . Giving  a previously highly regarded K-doll  who never scored less than 8/8 a 7/5. Something does not add up here.

I have seen this K-doll and I agree with the majority who had rated her positively . In his demolition act  of the K-doll the alleged Henrywolfe compares her performance now with an  alleged one by the same K-doll over a year ago.

The whole thing seems rather suspect and gives the impression of a bookers/ agency wars underway, or so I suspect or someone who is retaliating because the K-doll refused his pressure to go beyond her regular/posted menu.

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