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Posted 5/18/2012 at 9:21:43 AM

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For the K-system it is more or less internal and that is all I will add to that.

For the independents, do a search for "blacklist escorts" and the NBL should pop up.

My opinion on this is that fortunately the K system is MUCH more effective than the NBL because that one is abused to the point of laughability. I have posted previously on my feelings about that on some other post here.

But always be professional with the bookers, treat the girls right, and you should be smooth sailing.



Posted By: dchang911
Wondering what results in a blacklisting?  I don't think I do anything wrong, but if there are subtle things I don't realize, I would like to avoid it.

And when you talk about the "blacklist", where do you find that?


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